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    Gel Battery

    1) The introduction of the active polymer: 

    Active polymer gel batteries, its principle is using a special processing technology to change its molecular in a variety of dielectric materials, making the molecular non-saturated and imbalanced to create constant movement, so that it generate the substance reactive, its active molecules package the acid radical,, and the acid will not reactive with other elements in the absence of the electricity.. Under the action of the electric ions, the molecules will be opened, the active molecules will react with the oxide lead to complete the electrical energy converted into chemical energy to store. And for the activity of the molecules, it greatly enhanced the utilization of the oxide lead, but when the ionization stops, molecules recombined to group.
    Based on these principles, our company has developed a new concept of battery called “active polymer gel battery” for the past several years. In addition to active colloidal electrolyte, meanwhile the selection of the battery material, the preparation of the lead based alloy, the design of the grid, the research and development of the lead paste formula and the innovated science and technology to the chemical process, so that the innovated rechargeable battery can completely solve the present acid corrosion and acid fog pollution, the low destiny of the energy and power, the short life, the low performance of the deep cycle, the short time of the storage, and other series problem that can not be solved. There are still other performances that can’t be matched by the domestic and foreign lead acid batteries, such as the performance of the acid properties energy, high-current charge-discharge characteristics, service life and so on, especially the environmental performance. Not only these, when the battery ends its life, all its materials can be reused. While the electrolyte does not pollute the water and the air, and the soil does not need special treatment, it is the real energy-saving, efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly new generation battery.

    2) Gel battery Features

    1. A high storage capacity
    2. Charge and discharge without mist.
    3. Good charge acceptance, can be high current charge (0.8C-1C)
    4. Can be high-current discharge; current will not damage if 30C discharge current in 8 seconds.
    5. Can be super-deep discharge and repeated to make discharge, battery will not undermine.
    6. Well adapt to the temperature, can be used within -50~60℃.
    7. Small self-discharge; completely maintenance-free; the battery can still be used for normal if stored at room temperature after full charge.
    8. Long design service life, double the life of lead acid batteries.
    9. Environmental protection; It is easy to recycle and no pollution.
    10. Astigmatic and well adjusts to poor working conditions.
    11. Without space limitation and allowed to be operated in any orientation.
    12. Simple operation
    Maintenance free operation, and with the good coherence of internal resistance, capacity and floating charge, there is no equalizing charge required.

    3) Applications

    Backup power supply for Communication System
    Backup power supply for Electric Power Systems
    Motor area
    Railway System Application
    Peak Load Compensate for energy storage
    Marine system
    Wind power reserve
    Electric cars
    UPS and computer backup power supply
    Emergency Power Supply for Power Systems
    Power devices for mine
    Fire-fighting and safeguard system
    Emergency illumination
    Medical equipment
    Solar Power Reserve
    Alarm system

    4) Parts material and function 


    5) Technical performance 

    6) Battery Terminal

    7) Construction and Electrolyte

    8) Cycling Ability (20℃)

    9) Charge Voltage VS Ambient Temperature Curve

    10) Valve-regulated maintenance-free gel batteries of GT

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